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Cabinet of Mania

Spaz McGlitter, M.D.
26 April 1982
I'm a scatter/right-brained spaz. I rather listen to you than talk--unless I know you well. Even then it's 50/50. I am pretty quiet but very loud when I have something to say but it's usually random when I do.

I have an unsettling fascination with human anatomy, prosthetics and anything else that is medically taboo to obsess over. I should have attended Med school. Actually, it's better this way.

**Art and my friends and family are the only things that mean the world to me. I've been somewhat of a workaholic and hermit the past year or so, so don't mind me - I'll catch up to what's really important soon.

******UPDATE: I have finally purged the negativity in my life and met the most wonderful person - my muse, my heart, my dream. Thank you for catching me, Bradley. <3
80s music, activism, akira kurosawa, anatomy, andrea giacobbe, art, asian cinema, aubrey beardsley, b movies, b-52s, barry adamson, beat generation, beck, beer caps, being inspired, bill hicks, bjork, black spikey hair, books, camille rose garcia, canon a95, canon cameras, charles baudelaire, collaborating with other artists, conspiracies, cupcakes, david lachapelle, david lynch, dead kennedys, depeche mode, diy, downtown houston, drawing circles, experimental photography, exploitation cinema, fashion, film making, five dollar milkshakes, floria sigismondi, francis bacon, friends, gasoline, german expressionism, ghosts, horror movie posters, humanism, ice water with ice, ignorant art, import cars, inspiring conversations, italian horror, jan svankmejer, john waters, ladytron, latin culture, le tigre, liquid eyeliner, lollypops, lucid dreaming, mankind is obsolete, mark ryden, massive attack, monkeys, mono chrome, movies, mr2 spyders, museum crawling, music, musty books, new orleans culture, nissan, otto dix, parks, paul oakenfold, people watching, persian food, photography, pink and black, polymer, pro-choice, public transportation, pulp film, quentin tarantino, reading, religious symbolism, samuel l jackson, samurai films, six feet under, slant 6, sneaker pimps, soft cell, southern comfort, stenciling, stripey things, sunny days, swanky pubs, swimming, swiss absinthe, synthpop, t-shirt surgery, tea, tea sets, texas artists, the brothers quay, the butchies, the color red, thrifting, tom waits, tomato and basil soup, trevor brown, troma, tromadance, vincent price, writing