Hello Saturday!

Despite my last post, I'm A-OK.

Tonight, I make things. It's not finished, so this is the rough draft I guess.

I'm not doing a cut thingy. Sorry.

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And this is a shelf. It has nothing to do with anything but it be koo.

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I've been meaning to bake for months, so tonight I finally did just that.

Behold my yummy strawberry cupcakes of doom! C overdosed and is now in for the night. IN as in passed smooth out.

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Sugar rush!
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It’s been raining monkeys here for the past month and a half-I love it! C and I sit on the porch at night to watch the lightning through the hundreds of trees surrounding our place and talk science smart-kid stuff. I love it how we are so close to everything we love to do: Half-Priced Books, The zoo, the CAM, Menil and any other museum, oh and this is my favorite: http://www.domystore.com/.

Jorge and I live right down the street from one another so we decided we’re going to start our own piñata company, but make non-traditional piñatas like, water bottles, Warhol’s Marilyn lips, yadda yadda. We need a catchy kitschy Mexican name; any suggestions?

Tom Yum soup makes everything better. There is nothing like having a warm bowl after a hard day. That stuff is Zen.

I’ll try to remember to post some wedding photos (and email Megan the pictures) when I get home. I’ve been working a lot of hours trying to meet deadlines and whatnot, so lately I haven’t been up to staring at the computer screen, so I can’t promise.

Anyway, I’m off to do work stuff.
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small update

I got hitched, went to Austin for one night and ran into an old roommate from Galveston…small world. We only stayed one night because due to stress and a bad diet for about, a MONTH now, our lymph nodes started to swell and all we wanted to do was sleep. I think the drive there was more entertaining than Austin itself. We pulled over at numerous stops to pull gorgeous wildflowers and climb old oak trees. It was constantly overcast, which was nice, typical Texas storm clouds and cool wind.

I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out on Friday and I’m still pretty blah. We also moved this weekend. Yay, no more Humble. We live a block behind Central Market (which blows Whole Foods totally out of the water) and a few miles from the ‘cool kid’ area. Haha.

Once we unpack and get somewhat settled we’re thinking of having a mini Luau. Maybe. Or we’ll just invite some people over for cocktails and food.

I think this place will inspire me more than before; I can’t wait.
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Penis Pumps

I got stung by a wasp on my arm numerous times after we obtained our marriage license. (Enter The Omen music here). We got it on Wednesday and went to The Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch afterwards and it happened while paying for parking. Ouch.

We’re having the reception following the ceremony at Hermann Park. It’s a potluck BBQ type of thing. It’ll be at one so I know a lot of people won’t be able to make it. It’s been pretty stressful because we are moving pretty much at the same time and we have to pay a lot of money for rent, deposit, pet deposit, etc. Plus after the wedding we’re planning to drive to Austin and stay there a few days.

Work is going well. I’m in charge of creating huge scientific posters and that is both fun and very stressful. It’s only stressful when I get the info at the last minute and there is a near deadline; but I guess that’s stressful no matter who you are or what you are doing.

On my way to work one day there was this older lady on the train that had many multi-colored feather boas wrapped around her neck coloring in a coloringbook. Another time an old man started talking to me about how evil East Europeans are and how he’s found a lot of penis pumps in various trash bins downtown. He was wearing a Cosby sweater with holes.Then once I saw a guy walking a huge box turtle (?) with a leash.

Houston is a fun place.
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(no subject)

I went to Orlando this past weekend to see Megan and do wedding planning stuff. I didn't buy anything, but I really enjoyed myself. I didn't even freak on the plane rides and scored a free rum and coke on the way there. Wee! So the reception party is going to be on the same day as the wedding--on March 21st at seven in the evening. We're getting married that morning. I hope the weather is nice; it would suck if the garden was all mushy and gross. I'll be a married woman in exactly one month and one day. It doesn't really seem like a big deal to me, but I'm excited nonetheless.

So we're also moving. A condo in the galleria area looks promising. And it's the same price as what we're paying for the less-than-glamourous place we have now so yay.

I don't have much to update about. Work is nice, we're finally getting hitched, and we're moving. Other than that, I'm crocheting, finally getting around to watching Queer as Folk, and sketching.

Happy Holidays

I went to another interview at MD Anderson this past Monday in Epidemiology.

Yesterday they called back and made me an offer. Wee! Most of you already know, though. It's more money than I've made in the past and I'm excited to start working on Dec. 18th--the docs seem really cool.


Happy Thanksgiving.
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Bubble of Yay

C’s brother and sister-n-law came over tonight to tell us bye–they’re moving to Mexico to become missionaries. I always have a lot of fun hanging out with them even if we don’t do much. The boys watched football and us girls talked wedding stuff.

It’s been pouring all day and I love it. Rain puts me at ease. It’s like auditory Valium or something. I’ve had a very happy day. We stayed in bed until eleven and listened to the rain, watched football (well he did) and ate seafood leftovers. Which is usually kinda gross, but it was actually yum. I just cannot dig seafood or Asian leftovers usually–reheating messes it up.

Well, I’m going to mess with Photoshop and have another cup of Moroccan green tea. I need to sleep though.

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MD Anderson’s HR department sucks. They are so slow. I’ve been there a zillion times and they keep telling me to come back, interview more on the phone, go back, take admin tests, call me, blah blah. The only thing left is the drug test and then I’ll be able to finally get on. I go back on Thursday.

It’s been so gloomy here the last few days. I wish it would storm already. I can’t wait for Halloween! We’re not doing much–I want to go trick-or-treating. Mmmm rot tooth. It doesn’t feel like autumn yet. I love the smells and colours of fall. Like apple spice and burning leaves.

Last night I had a dream that I was in North Korea (but N Korea ended up being Ball High–go figure) helping build a nuke because I was so desperate to make some fast cash. I woke up sweaty and cussing. That dream scared the hell out of me.

I want to see this!
Brothers Quay

I wish Alex was here to watch it with me.

Yay it’s raining. I’m off to make some tea. I’ll be back.
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