March 16th, 2006

I did this like, a long ass time ago...

..but I wanted to update.

Your Life: The Soundtrack
Opening credits:Orbital: The Box
Waking up:Thievery Corporation: Indra
Average day:The Faint: Desperate Guys
First date:Romeo Void: Never Say Never
Falling in love:AK 1200: drowning
Love scene:Aurora: Ordinary World
Fight scene:A Perfect Circle: Counting Bodies....
Breaking up:Client: Come On
Getting back together:Malcolm McClaren: About Her
Secret love:PJ Harvey: The River
Life's okay:Brothers Johnson: Strawberry 23
Mental breakdown:This Mortal Coil: Siren Song
Driving:Soft Cell: Sex Dwarf
Learning a lesson:Stereo Total: I am Naked
Deep thought:Robert Miles: Children
Flashback:Joy Division: Isolation
Partying:New Order: True Faith
Happy dance:Le Tigre: After Dark
Regreting:The Beatles: In my Life
Long night alone:Cowboy Junkies: A Common Disaster
Death scene:Johnny Cash: The Man Comes Around
Closing credits:Tom Waits: Chocolate Jesus
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