March 11th, 2006


The Orange gato is doing SO much better since we started helping him. Those picts I posted-I realized after posting them- were so sad and I kinda wish I didn’t post them because of the severity of his bo-bos. :-( BUT he is doing sooo well and he guards our doorstep. ;-P Anyway, this week has actually been kinda cool. Wednesday we went to this: with Alex and had some yummy dinner afterwards. Man it was awesome! Thursday though, we missed The Dropkick Murphys and the Horrorpops (sad face, I really digging the Horrorpops right now) but that’s okay. Yesterday we saw the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. Now, I have a evil dislike for Horror remakes, (except for Dawn of the Dead) but this one was actually quite awesome. Man, the sets were so cool. Anyway, my fav remake IS Dawn of the Dead but I recommend this one. We jumped a few times and there are charred mannequins and eerie outdated furniture. :-) Woo! Today we went to the zoo and would have stayed for the Japanese Garden and the CAM, but alas...girlie cramps. :-( Anyhoo, here are some snapshots I took before my batteries died. These are in NO way artistic but who cares. Animals!

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