October 13th, 2004

sort of a question

Question: I had a divisional luncheon today and the topic of attitudes towards smokers vs. the attitudes towards obese people came up. There was an article published about how most people have been “conditioned” to have shitty attitudes towards smokers because of the whole “you know it’s bad for you and will end up killing you so I’m going to be shitty towards you now; you suck” pretty much. But when talking to an obese person that attitude is usually just reserved for smokers. Why? was asked. “People know that stuffing that cheeseburger and coke down their throats will end up killing them (in so many ways, i.e. heart disease, cancer, etc..) also so why change the attitude?” Then the topic of “becoming comfortable with many different body shapes” came up. I am ALL for being comfortable with different body shapes and actually against the way the media portrays how people (not just chicks) should look. But then I found myself questioning myself NOT because I am a non-smoker, but because it’s hypocritical and stopped and thought of all the things we OK but when it comes to something we FEEL we have to accept, we’re actually going against what is the real issue. (Okay, that made no sense). So what I am asking is…

How do YOU feel on this subject? Or am I being too cryptic? I don’t think we should be shitty—it’s a personal choice to smoke or eat whatever. I don’t know. I’m rambling.
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