June 29th, 2004

Good 'ol days

I started typing this really long entry about Bi-Polar Disorder and being misdiagnosed and how I think all of my “emotional” problems stem from not sleeping, but I deleted it. I had some valid points too. Oh well, I’ll prolly post it sometime later in my virtual rant device. I don’t have any legit medical background and can actually sound half way intelligent when trying to breakdown and utilize terminology that genuinely describes my take on the whole thing.

No, but the Nickelodeon quiz thingy had me taking it back to the old shows on Nick. Remember Salute Your Shorts? Ug Lee? And I remember they tried that whole serious soap opera drama high school thing too, I think that was the same time Beverly Hills 90210 was out or something. I think it was called Fifteen, I really didn’t feel that show too much though. Oh man, I loved me some Mr. Wizard’s World too. The only thing with that was it was only on at five in the morning. Or so it seemed. Finder’s Keeper’s was kind of cool too. But my favourite…my all time favourite Nick show (besides Ren and Stimpy) has to be You Can’t do That on Television.:

Wasn’t the 80s pimp?

I always thought these skits had Communistic propaganda undertones…or maybe had Nazi Butt-Pirate tendencies

If anyone can actually find whole episodes (I think I found one on the site) lemme know. Wonder if they have any on DVD.

*runs to Amazon.com*
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