December 18th, 2003

Jabbergorey and A's night blindness.

Things are shifting. I am on the brink of creating---I have all of the ideas planned out, now I just need to make a pilgrimage to Home Depot/ Hobby Lobby/…

Her name is Anne. I named her after a new accomplice I owe a stuff drink and/ or jabbergorey. (A clever name for a clever conversation. She knows…) I cryptically just call her A.

The name of the project I am working on is called “The Cabinet of Sleep 001”. I was working on a story/ script years ago with the same title. Since I have never finished it, I thought I’d steal the title and make a mixed media sculpture instead, with the same semi-theme.

“There was once a light in her heart, and then it slowly became broken…”

A—my fevered dolly-womb. Her insides gave out, and her sleep became terminally interrupted. She is like a backwards dream catcher. She rescues other’s insomnia and lets them get a good night’s rest. How wonderful.

Whenever she is completed I will let you guys know. I’ll take photos, etc.
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