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Oct update

Some things:

Oct 1 I got promoted and got a 15% increase in pay

Oct 2 I started on my first grant that was BEYOND hell (w/o any help...usually you have 3-5+ admin people working on one) I've always heard they were a pain in the assbutt, but now lets just say I don't think I'll be bitching about my workload anytime soon. When I finally got that sucker out 1) I took time off but 2) I didn't know how to act not having to work at an intense warp speed. I started drinking coffee to help with the really long hours, so I thought I was a hardcore caffiene junkie and decided to chug a huge red bull yesterday to help me get going and was MISERABLE the whole day. I got so sick and went into a caffiene coma from it. Blergh.

The grant went out Weds and I took off Thurs and Fri and had a four day weekend. Wee! I had a picnic at Hermann Park, went museum-hopping, had sushi, watched Michael Clayton (it was decent), carved a pumpkin, or rather watched C carve a pumpkin, ate a bunch, and watched cable horror movies.

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Westheimer Block Party and of course, took some pictures. I have a lot of pictures to post and will do that later because I'm on my laptop and the picts are on our main computer.

I haven't been painting or really taking any photos. My "filer" has been more crafty things, baking, crocheting, card making. I really enjoy crafting. The other day C said I was 53. Whatever, crafts are hott.

We really want to get a dog. Our neighborhood is so pet-friendly, it's awesome. There is a "Bark Park" nearby which is ALWAYS packed. It's kinda cool. :-)

Anyway, I'll try to post picts later. I've been horrible at doing anything non-work related. C keeps popping in here to make sure I'm not working. Sigh. I'm one of those people now.


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