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small update

I got hitched, went to Austin for one night and ran into an old roommate from Galveston…small world. We only stayed one night because due to stress and a bad diet for about, a MONTH now, our lymph nodes started to swell and all we wanted to do was sleep. I think the drive there was more entertaining than Austin itself. We pulled over at numerous stops to pull gorgeous wildflowers and climb old oak trees. It was constantly overcast, which was nice, typical Texas storm clouds and cool wind.

I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out on Friday and I’m still pretty blah. We also moved this weekend. Yay, no more Humble. We live a block behind Central Market (which blows Whole Foods totally out of the water) and a few miles from the ‘cool kid’ area. Haha.

Once we unpack and get somewhat settled we’re thinking of having a mini Luau. Maybe. Or we’ll just invite some people over for cocktails and food.

I think this place will inspire me more than before; I can’t wait.
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