Spaz McGlitter, M.D. (juxtaposed_junk) wrote,
Spaz McGlitter, M.D.

I went to Orlando this past weekend to see Megan and do wedding planning stuff. I didn't buy anything, but I really enjoyed myself. I didn't even freak on the plane rides and scored a free rum and coke on the way there. Wee! So the reception party is going to be on the same day as the wedding--on March 21st at seven in the evening. We're getting married that morning. I hope the weather is nice; it would suck if the garden was all mushy and gross. I'll be a married woman in exactly one month and one day. It doesn't really seem like a big deal to me, but I'm excited nonetheless.

So we're also moving. A condo in the galleria area looks promising. And it's the same price as what we're paying for the less-than-glamourous place we have now so yay.

I don't have much to update about. Work is nice, we're finally getting hitched, and we're moving. Other than that, I'm crocheting, finally getting around to watching Queer as Folk, and sketching.

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