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-I've been sketching more. Just odd little characters really. Nothing big.

-Watched the whole first season of LOST like, in a week and some change. At first we had Netflix send it but a friend of ours had the whole thing on DVD and let us borrow it. So we're all caught up and got to watch the rerun of episode one of season two this past Wednesday. Damn good show.

-Really been diggin photojournalism lately. I want to travel and take pictures of people just being natural...hell, I would be happy for people to model for me. But alas, I'm a shut in these days. :-P

-Planning the wedding slowly but surely. Since the company I worked for shut down and other things happend to set us back a little we're having it next year. We could have just run off to Vegas or something but I have it pictured in my head and don't want it any other way.

-I really miss my scattered friends.

-Once the lease is up in September we're (hopefully) moving to the Montrose area. Humble is nice I guess but BORING. Especially for someone who is used to walking everywhere. My front yard is Highway 59, not to mention the 737s and 777s landing every two minutes. My nightmares of planes crashing have stopped though. For now.

-The kitty cat we 'adopted', Siouxsie Anger, well, we thought that she was just gaining weight because she wasn't well fed on the streets. Nope! Little hooker got knocked up and gave birth last Friday. Four baby kittens! They are very very cute though. So flyers will be going up shortly. Ok, I have a question. Charley Gato was fixed like, a month before we found Siouxsie. Once they got used to one another we would find them trying to do it. Is there any way possible that HE could be the dad?? I mean, right after he was fixed, it wasn't until AFTER we adopted Siouxsie Anger that he stopped spraying. I think I need to call the vet and ask. Something tells me she wasn't preggos before we took her in. Plus there are two stripey kittens and two black kittens. Hmmmm.

-I've become this weird little housewife. I got so excited when I bought a new mop and cleaning supplies. Awful I tell ya.

Eh. Here look at something. I turned my sis into a Commie! LOL

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