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lil ol update I reckon

I don’t keep up with this thing anymore. Let’s see...I turned twenty-four last Wednesday and we went out for Japanese and air-hockey. I usually don’t keep up with my birthdays but considering I’ve officially entered hermithood I thought I should get out. I’ve finished about three projects this week and have more I need to scratch off my work list. I’ve been taking more pictures and thought I’ll pull a Cindy Sherman and do a series of self portraits that actually have some depth and some sort of theme that doesn’t revolve around me just fucking off. Hmmm, what friend David and I are thinking about getting a film project going, which reminds me...I need to get a hold of him. My dad, C and I took a little weekend trip to San Antonio a few weeks back...errr, more like a month back and I met family I found on the internet while doing some genealogy stuff. Man, I have a loud ass family. I think I get my antisoocial nature from someone on my mom’s side–which is weird because my family is loud all around; on both sides. Anyway–that was neat and I had fun. I haven’t been to SA since the Howard Dean rally w/ Alex and Chuck a few years back. Of course this last trip was cut short because my dad’s cell kept blowing up and he’s a workaholic and we had to get back. Yesterday Alex and I hung out and of course when she left I got somewhat emotional...I’m going to miss ya but that just means I need to get a passport and take my jolly ass to the “land of fairies and elves.” LOL. So...oh yeah, I’m finally getting around to the last season of Six Feet Under via Netflix and OH MAN I love that show. Useless info. :-P

Ohh look, seaweed and Sushi!! (the sushi is Chuck’s...I’m a seaweed Nazi-Hog)

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And Siouxsie Anger watching a Tarantino interview with me:

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