Lemongrass Woes.

As I was chopping up the ingredients for my Tom Yum soup this evening, I glanced over at the expiration date for the lemongrass. The date the stalk expires is the date I was supposed to have my baby. I stared at the packaging and made my way to the couch. Looking at those numbers until they ran together and I became cross-eyed.

I don't know how long I was there, but I know I did not cry.

Rock you like a....

OK, so things have progressed in my life and it’s weird but chill. I’m trying to take advantage of my sweet, sweet, lover a.k.a Canon EOS Rebel xsi before I have to turn *him* in whenever the hounds release their deathly ice grip from my neck. Apparently they are trying to keep my for another month which is so no bueno considering my new boss needs me next Friday. I’m not a happy girl, although I have loose ends the size of this condo to clean up – it’s not cool for them to have that freeze-ray on my soul.

Happy art stuff: FILM! Yays. Might be shooting a video..videos…soon. I’ll just leave it as that. Yay, I can go back into my home-pod. **Tash, if you are reading this, call me. ** One is for a DogFish Head thingy that is due at the end of March.

Home: My lease is up in April and I would like to move. I have mentioned this already but I am more determined than ever. Back to the stuff to fill my cold and empty heart: my mom has a flat-screen that’s in a freaking BOX just chilling. I’m hoping to get it because I am her first spawn-beastling.

Having my first girl’s night with Megan and Wendy on Friday. I have a hot date with Dexter and a Bloody Mary (such an appropriate combo) and I’m looking forward to it. Muh Girls. I miss them.

To sum it all up, I am happy…content…okay, even. Wow – things seem like they are moving at a snail’s pace but actually, the snail has turbo.
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I walk down the hallways of this cold hospital and overhear people talk about the damage that was afflicted on their property: “It was HORRIBLE! We were w/o power for 10 hours, can you believe it?!” Things of that sort. Things of that sort make me want to say things to them that will get me fired.

I am lucky, blessed, whatever the term is you want to use, and as soon as my power was restored (48 hours later…I am soooooo lucky) I jumped on the internet and watched the carnage that was my birthplace. No matter how much I groaned and moaned about it, it’s still the place that raised me. It’s kind of like the parent you don’t talk to that you fight with every single time you see them, and then the last time you see them they’re in a casket and you’re there to watch them go six feet in the earth. Well, Galveston was my abusive father and my alcoholic mother (speaking figuratively, of course).

I moved away in 2005. The only time I went back was to see one friend and my mom and sisters her brother and his family – and that was usually just on holidays.

My mom drove up from Galveston last Thursday to stay with me, thinking she could go back home on Monday. My sisters stayed with friends in Sugarland (why they didn’t stay w/ me is a post all in its own), and we just watched. The tv stayed on up until we lost power at 2 AM Saturday morning. I couldn’t watch it for that long, but I guess now I know where my obsessive gene comes from: my mother; because that’s all she did for 20 hours. My mom found out that despite being two blocks off the seawall, that her home received absolutely NO DAMAGE. Water didn’t even creep in.

Those I’ve talked to that stayed or got back into the island said it looks like a war zone. One of the reasons I haven’t been watching the news is because I think they’re a bunch of liars, but THAT’S a post all in its own too.

Aside from that, I’ve been working too much and hiding. What else is new? BUT I have made new friends in Houston and I’m becoming more social. My neighbors are kick ass and it’s a close-knit community. We all help each other out. Not all of my neighbors, just the ones downstairs from us and the couple next to them. I’ve actually been feeling better emotionally…yes, I’m back on meds, but it was mandatory. My anxiety was getting so bad to the point to where I had to shut the blinds in my office because of my newly formed fear of heights (I’m only on the 7th floor), and I couldn’t be around 3 people at a time. I think I posted something about these months back. Well, it was acute but the Clonazepam and Lamictal have been helping. TMI, whatever.

I post ADD blogs everyday on Twitter, so find me there: http://twitter.com/Jessica_El (although my thingy is set to private, so you have to have an acct to read my posts)

And if you need visuals, check out my Flickr page…you have to have an account and add me as a contact if you want to see all of my photos because there are some I don’t want just everyone to see:


So I’m going to be lame and say that my heart goes out to everyone right now (lame but true).


Yeah, I think the whole church thing freaked people out. WOW. Talk about not judging anyone. Sorry, I have a fever and I haven't had a good month (April) so far. May has sucked too. maybe it's the church thing? Har Har.

**David** I suck.
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Oct update

Some things:

Oct 1 I got promoted and got a 15% increase in pay

Oct 2 I started on my first grant that was BEYOND hell (w/o any help...usually you have 3-5+ admin people working on one) I've always heard they were a pain in the assbutt, but now lets just say I don't think I'll be bitching about my workload anytime soon. When I finally got that sucker out 1) I took time off but 2) I didn't know how to act not having to work at an intense warp speed. I started drinking coffee to help with the really long hours, so I thought I was a hardcore caffiene junkie and decided to chug a huge red bull yesterday to help me get going and was MISERABLE the whole day. I got so sick and went into a caffiene coma from it. Blergh.

The grant went out Weds and I took off Thurs and Fri and had a four day weekend. Wee! I had a picnic at Hermann Park, went museum-hopping, had sushi, watched Michael Clayton (it was decent), carved a pumpkin, or rather watched C carve a pumpkin, ate a bunch, and watched cable horror movies.

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Westheimer Block Party and of course, took some pictures. I have a lot of pictures to post and will do that later because I'm on my laptop and the picts are on our main computer.

I haven't been painting or really taking any photos. My "filer" has been more crafty things, baking, crocheting, card making. I really enjoy crafting. The other day C said I was 53. Whatever, crafts are hott.

We really want to get a dog. Our neighborhood is so pet-friendly, it's awesome. There is a "Bark Park" nearby which is ALWAYS packed. It's kinda cool. :-)

Anyway, I'll try to post picts later. I've been horrible at doing anything non-work related. C keeps popping in here to make sure I'm not working. Sigh. I'm one of those people now.

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Filming squirrels

I have been quite busy - and will update later.

Introducing Priscilla (we didn't name her) the community squirrel eating my nuts (peanuts, that is)

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